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Kate Bedingfield

by Deedra Abboud in Political
January 3, 2021 1 comment

In November 2020, Kate Bedingfield was designated White House Communications Director for the Biden administration.

The position: Leads the White House public relations team.

Katherine Joan Bedingfield (Kate) was born in 1982 and raised in Sandy Springs, Georgia.Her parents are Dana H. and Sid E. Bedingfield.

She attended Sandy Springs Middle School and graduated from Riverwood High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

Bedingfield worked on John Edwards 2008 presidential campaign as spokesperson. She also served as communications director for the 2008 senate campaign for Jeanne Shaheen.

In November 2011, Bedingfield started working at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). In May 2013, Bedingfield was named spokesperson and vice president of corporate communications the MPAA. Bedingfield married David Kelley Kieve on January 12, 2013 at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. Bedingfield and Kieve have two children together.

In 2015, Bedingfield was named communications director for then Vice President Joe Biden. She also held two additional roles in the Obama administration: director of response and deputy director of media affairs.After working in the Obama administration, Bedingfield returned briefly to sports and entertainment communications.

Bedingfield served as deputy campaign manager for the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign. Her work on the campaign led to Fortune naming Bedingfield one of the most influential people, under the age of 40, in government and politics.

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  1. Mariam Wilke says:

    Kate, like many politicians, continues to over use the word “look” which is incredibly irritating to many us. Could you please get the word out to her about finding another way to make her point!

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