7 Tips For Having More Valuable Conversations

July 3, 2020 0 comments

The majority of people are working from their own filter, maybe a bent filter in some cases, but not necessarily a completely broken one.

Local issues are the key to conversations with your family, friends, and neighbors.

1) Talk about issues, in general, and specifically, to a broad range of people. 
Finding common ground is easier when discussing issues than when #NamingNames.

2) It’s okay to choose less volatile topics. Communities come together on local issues.
#SeedPlanting is valuable.

3) Push back on fake and misinformed information – not necessarily to change their mind, but because to ignore it lets it fester and spread like a virus… especially among the watchers [See #5]. #Normalizing

4) Don’t assume someone’s position… ask questions, and avoid personal attacks… at the very least until you’ve fleshed out their real viewpoints.

#Questions are #Gold because they force people to explain themselves… and often hearing themselves is the best seed planting possible. [It helps with identifying whether you’re in a conversation too, see #6]

5) Pay attention to the #Watchers. Watchers are those who are listening to the conversation but not engaging. 

That’s really your target audience because they are usually the claimers of “neutrality” or those who don’t like “uncomfortable” conversations. 

They are moveable but only in a non-direct or non-confrontational ways.

6) Know when you’re in a conversation, and when you’re not. 

#MovingTheGoalPosts and constantly changing the subject [or angle] are good indicators that it’s not a conversation and should be abandoned. 

Similarly, #WhatAboutism#FalseEquivalency, and throwing #Slogans are also good indicators. 

#Drivebys are people who say inflammatory statements and then disappear. They simply want the satisfaction and #control of upsetting people. 

Some just want to be “right” and will fight to the death to get there, no matter the consequences or who gets hurt. Abandon those people. 

And don’t be one either. #CuttingLossesIsOkay

7) I understand many are very focused on a new presidency because we fear for the safety of our family, friends, neighbors, ourselves, and even our country, but the reality is trying to convince people to simply dislike someone solidifies their status as an underdog and victim… particularly among the “neutrals” that are deliberately not following what’s going on in the world. #TargetAudience 

Instead, we need to focus on the specific policies and actions being taken by the Administration. 

Get them onboard with disagreeing with the policy or action… then remind them of the source.

All of this will be way more powerful for the “watchers” than personal attacks on anyone.

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