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Wherever you are, you should join the Love Glasses Revolution and spread the LOVE!

by Deedra Abboud in Mindset, Social Views
December 8, 2015 0 comments

Sunday night I posted a meme on Facebook:

The energies coming to earth are so powerful now that everything not of love is being pushed to the surface for healing.

I liked the thought of it.

The idea that all the hate and anger we are seeing in the world has a purpose and that it will come to an end. An end with more love . . . of healing . . . of love.

Then Monday was a crazy day. Everywhere I went I encountered happy people.

At the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts, the guy at the window seemed so happy to see me as he chatted me up and then wished me a great day.

Lunch at Schlotzky’s was the same. The cashier loved the picture on my credit card (my husband and I), complimented my wardrobe, wished me a wonderful day and happy holidays. People at every single office I visited, and every phone call I had, seemed on top of the world.

And it wasn’t just me.

I spoke to a friend who had the same experience: Good Will, Starbuck’s, even Walmart, everyone greeted her like they loved their job and were so glad to see her.

Another friend had the same report: Walgreen’s, Dunkin Donuts, Sprouts, every employee made her feel like she was the best thing that walked in the door.

I found this so uplifting. All three of us (coincidentally we wear the scarf) had the same experience on the same day. Not one negative person. Not even a neutral one. Every encounter was not just friendly but filled with the kind of happiness we all want to experience.

One of my friends recently started the Love Glasses Revolution!logo

There are only 2 rules to join the LOVE GLASSES REVOLUTION

1. Take the Love Glasses Revolution Pledge:

When we wear our LOVE GLASSES:
“We choose to SEE the world with our LOVE GLASSES, viewing the world on our terms, repelling the negativity around us and increasing random acts of kindness and understanding that those small acts make a large impact. We view life as a gift and we live each day with gratitude and tolerance.”

2. WE SHARE! Literally, share all the GOOD and random acts of kindness on Facebook and Instagram using #LoveGlassesRevolution. They can be selfies, stories, good deeds. Share the good, share wide and share far. Share the LOVE!

Whether the energy theory is right or wrong, it is a good reminder that love is the answer.
Now is the perfect time for all positive projects and movements.

We are on the micro-level. That is our sphere of influence. We have the power to spread the happiness and love or not. But the micro-level is where healing starts and the only place from which love can rise.

And raising the love-o-meter is the right prescription for what ails us. If it doesn’t work, increase the dose!

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