No Words Can Describe What “Separated Families” Are Experiencing

by Deedra Abboud in Political, Social Views
July 1, 2018 0 comments

When I was about 5 years old, my family went to the zoo. I remember being in a crowd of people mesmerized by some animal doing something.

When the crowd started disbursing, I noticed my family was gone. I remember being scared. I also remember thinking that I shouldn’t move. I should stay exactly where I was so my mom could find me.

I started crying but I stayed put.

My mom was in a complete panic when she found me. She was a strong woman who worked hard at never letting others see her fear.

Seeing that fear on her face before she saw me has never left my memory.

And it scared me more than being alone and lost on the sidewalk.

I can’t imagine what the parents and children being separated feel. Thinking they may never see each other again. Sitting in cages imaging the worst for each other.

Fear is a not a descriptive enough word or feeling for what they are going through.

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