The Choice of Sacrifice

July 6, 2020 0 comments

If you find yourself thinking or saying “someone else” should be sacrificing their health and life for the greater good, perhaps you should be the one stepping up to the plate. 

If you want teachers to sacrifice their lives with in-person classes, how about you get your certificate and volunteer to teach?

If you want 5-year olds to 40-year-olds to sacrifice themselves with infection to build-up herd immunity, how about you volunteer to be infected first?
Particularly when neither you nor your close family members are in those age demographics. 
Particularly when you have great health insurance that helps you sleep at night.

If you want those over 65-years-old to die 10 years early because they’ll eventually die anyway, how about you volunteer first?
Particularly, if you don’t fall into that age demographic.

If you want inmates and laborers to expose themselves to infection under non-CDC conditions, without health insurance or protections, to ensure you have enough eggs and meat on the shelves, and so you can shop whenever you want, how about you volunteer to perform those essential jobs?
Particularly if you refuse to social distance or wear a mask.

Studies show people are more likely to agree with a policy, punishment, or regulation they do not believe will ever affect them. 

It’s a choice.

A choice to sacrifice others. 

A choice to sacrifice human lives for our own convenience.

A choice to sacrifice human lives for money.

Let that sink in.

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