We Will Out-Love Them.

by Deedra Abboud in Mindset, Political, Social Views
January 2, 2019 0 comments

I am often asked why I don’t block people from my FB page – especially irrational people whose only interest is spreading hate and attacking others.

Though I do have my limits, I generally have a high tolerance because I don’t want to live in a bubble and I think too many people don’t realize they live in a bubble.

The ugliness of some people is real and ignoring it is one thing… actually believing it doesn’t exist because we never see it is another.

Take the Patriot Movement Az (PMAz).

When they came to my events to spread their hate, I allowed them into our spaces and faced them. That wasn’t for me. That was so that others could see it.

While many of us (POC, indigenous, minority religions) had experienced it first hand for years, most of the attendees were shocked – like they were unwillingly watching a gross reality show. They couldn’t believe people actually acted that way in real life.

But those who didn’t attend the events or watch the FB Live videos were still unaware.

When the March for our Lives kids laid on the Legislative floor as part of their activism, PMAz stood over them with their phones in their faces and spouted vile things at them. Those in attendance and watching the FB Live videos were shocked that adults would treat young people that way.

PMAz is at almost every event yelling ugly words at people through their bullhorns while holding the US flag and claiming to be patriots.

PMAz even accused a Native American legislator of being ‘illegal’ and are known for yelling ‘stolen valor’ at Veterans not on their side.

They do all this on FB Live… like kids doing outrageous behavior to get ‘likes’ and comments on their videos from their fans cheering them on.

But those who didn’t attend the events or watch the FB Live videos were still unaware.

PMAz always reiterates they are trying to ‘trigger libtards’ to react so PMAz can claim victimhood and get people arrested.

When PMAz claimed Tahnee, who physically violated the Tempe mosque and verbally attacked me on the street (all on video), was not part of their group, I defended them. I said I would believe them when they condemned Tahnee’s actions and disassociated from her.

I got a lot of pushback from liberals and progressive for my stance but I believed it was the right thing to do, the compassionate thing to do.

Because I want people to believe me when I say I don’t know a Muslim that did something bad. I don’t want to be blamed for actions I had nothing to do with simply because I share a characteristic.

I gave to others what I wanted to receive.

When PMAz started terrorizing families and children seeking refuge in churches after receiving legal status from the US government – all while claiming they are defending American children and opposing ‘illegal’ immigration – people delivering life-saving supplies to traumatized families were shell-shocked.

Normal people, good people, people who had no idea who PMAz was, or had never experienced their hate-filled rhetoric in real life, got front row seats as they went to churches to help people… a location and activity that should never be targeted by hostility.

That was my breaking point.

I’m a big believer in compassion.

I’m a huge believer in finding common ground.

I’m a believer in trying to understand people and helping people see different perspectives.

And PMAz proudly weaponizes our civility, niceness, compassion, and honesty against us… but that is coming to an end.

I’m also an avid advocate of accountability.

The haters are louder and often crude, but we the ‘helpers’ have a quiet strength they cannot even comprehend.

We out-Love them.

We outnumber them.

And we will survive them while lifting others up because we still have the power of humanity.



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