Day 12: 30-Day 60 Second Love Challenge (Finding Joy in the Simple Things)

Getting back to the simple things... noticing the simple things... will bring you joy.

by Deedra Abboud in Mindset, Solutions
December 30, 2016 0 comments

The first day I woke up in Beirut, I was so excited. Excited for my husband to get up so we could have breakfast together. Excited to go out and enjoy the city.

Walk the streets.

See the buildings.

Talk to the people.

Smell the smells.

Hear the sounds.

Enjoy every single thing.

We forget to enjoy the little things. You don’t have to go to far off places. You can go to a local festival. To the quaint downtowns.

Even if you’ve been there a million times, go again. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes and see things like a tourist.

Find the joy in the little things. Look at the artwork. See how people put displays together.

Getting back to the simple things… noticing the simple things… will bring you joy.

If nothing else, get a couple of kids together, give them some chairs and blankets. Watch them build a fort. Remember what that felt like.

Pure joy.

These videos are all about bringing awareness to the #LoveGlassesRevolution founded by my close friends Tara Ijai & the CHOICE we all have in every moment to see the world around us through the lens of love, empowerment & joy.

Should this 30-day challenge speak to you & you’d like to join the party:
1. Make the decision
2. Choose something that speaks to you that is reflective of love (it can be a video, quotes, art, random acts of kindness, reading a page of your favorite book, etc.)
3. Share it! We could all use more of that! The gift is in both the sharing and receiving.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish together if we share a small part of ourselves with each other. That is love. That is being alive.

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