Day 2: 30-Day 60 Seconds of Love Challenge (You Depend on You)

Is a person's value determined by whether other living being depend on them?

by Deedra Abboud in Mindset, Social Views, Solutions
December 14, 2016 0 comments

I often work with women who have chronic illnesses, particularly autoimmune diseases, on moving forward.

Autoimmune diseases are a particular challenge because there is no cure, just management through a lot of experimenting to see what works.

Depression, hopelessness, and feeling overwhelmed are just some of the consequences and challenges that go with autoimmune disease diagnoses.

I am a firm believer that you have to ‘believe’ in something in order to be up to the challenges associated with autoimmune management.

What that belief ‘is’ is immaterial. It can be a spiritual faith (without or without an organized religion), science, a particular remedy or approach, or even just a belief in your own commitment.

Today, I asked a woman who was overpowered by feelings of hopelessness what she had to live for.

She was shocked by the question. I was shocked by the answer.

After a few minutes of thought, she replied that she had ‘no significant other, children, or even pets that depended on her’ so she really didn’t have anything to live for.

I asked her if a person’s value was determined by whether other living beings depended on them.

She was unable to decide and replied, “Maybe. What else is there?”

I pointed out that she depends on her.

Her body depends on her to provide what it needs to function – whether that it nutrients, human interactions, love (of self and others), personal growth, inspiration, or joy.

I love my husband and have no children, but neither of those determine my value or my thirst for life.

A reason to live doesn’t even have to be monumental.

Why can’t your reason to live be experiences? Especially simple ones?

It can be showing love to others.

It can be showing love for yourself.

It can equally be a desire to learn something, do things, see things, be things.

Having a cup of coffee in Italy. Hanging out with friends that you enjoy. Meeting people who motivate or inspire you. Seeing local cultural or artistic works. Reading books or watching videos that uplift you or increase your understanding of you and others.

Just find things that excite you. Find your joy.

These videos are all about bringing awareness to the #LoveGlassesRevolution founded by Tara Ijai & the CHOICE we all have in every moment to see the world around us through the lens of love, empowerment & joy.

Should this 30-day challenge speak to you & you’d like to join the party:
1. Decide
2. Choose something that speaks to you that is reflective of love (it can be a video, quotes, art, random acts of kindness, reading a page of your favorite book, etc.)
3. Share it! We could all use more of that! The gift is in both the sharing and receiving.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish together if we share a small part of ourselves with each other. That is love. That is being alive.

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