Day 3: 30-Day 60 Second Love Challenge (Stuff Happens)

Feeling like I just sent a sexting pic to a male colleague, who I would meet face-to-face in an hour, was somewhat mortifying.

by Deedra Abboud in Mindset, Solutions
December 15, 2016 0 comments

Regardless of the outcome, everyone is doing the best they can.

That is a true statement.

But it is also true that our best sometimes false short and we make mistakes.

That’s okay. We are human. Humans are not infallible.

What’s important is that we learn lessons along the way so we can do better as we go, whatever ‘better’ may mean to us individually.

In order to learn lessons and improve, we need to self-reflect and analyze. That is not the same as beating ourselves up.

Sometimes stuff happens. Worrying about it after the fact won’t change the fact that it happened. Beating yourself up won’t change the fact that it happened.

Today, ‘stuff’ happened to me.

While getting ready to meet a male colleague for coffee, I was texting with my husband. While multitasking those two things, I had checked the last text with my colleague to verify time and place… then forgot to close the text and continued texting with my husband… at least I thought that is what I was doing.

I sent my husband a smiling picture of me without the scarf.

But I actually sent those last three texts, including the picture, to my male colleague. [Well… crap!]

For those who do not wear the scarf, it feels about the same as if I had sent him a bra pic. Not my intimate body parts, but not what I would share with a male colleague at all.

Once I realized what I had done, I quickly deleted the texts in the completely unrealistic hope they would disappear – like ‘calling back’ an email before it has been opened by the recipient.

No such luck of course.

Religion aside [because I have zero accountability for the mistake], feeling like I just sent a sexting pic to a male colleague – who I would meet face-to-face in an hour – was somewhat mortifying.

That’s when you just have to realize that ‘stuff happens’ and move on. No sense in beating myself up about it. We are both adults.

I texted him the following… “Oops! Note to self: Do not multitask while texting.”

Then met him for coffee and talked business.

These videos are all about bringing awareness to the #LoveGlassesRevolution founded by my close friends Tara Ijai & the CHOICE we all have in every moment to see the world around us through the lens of love, empowerment & joy.

Should this 30-day challenge speak to you & you’d like to join the party:
1. Decide
2. Choose something that speaks to you that is reflective of love (it can be a video, quotes, art, random acts of kindness, reading a page of your favorite book, etc.)
3. Share it! We could all use more of that! The gift is in both the sharing and receiving.

There is no limit to what we can accomplish together if we share a small part of ourselves with each other. That is love. That is being alive.

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